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Add Data Storage Capacity and Flexibility to Your Business.

Storage as a Service that is Secure, Resilient, and Redundant.

Scaling storage in today's environment can be a complex and expensive proposition. 

  • Procurement: Purchasing, staging, configuration and supporting storage hardware can be a challenge.
  • Timeliness: Product delivery can be often delayed. 
  • Security: IT managers don't feel comfortable on relying on cloud storage making it very hard to adjust and accept.
  • Cost: Storage often requires a large CAPEX investment.

DataBank Storage as a Service provides quick turnaround of secure, resilient, redundant, and encrypted storage for DataBank colocation customers. The solution physically resides in existing colocation facilities, ensuring security and compliance including FIPS 140-2. 

Save Time and Money

Order DataBank Storage as a Service in the month of June and receive free months depending on your commitment:

36 month term, 3 months free

24 month term, 2 months free

12 month term, 1 month free

STaaS Technical Specifications

  • storage-as-a-service-aAvailable via iSCSI protocol, delivered via SMF (or CAT6, depending on site) in either 1 GB or 10 GB port speeds.
  • SAN (block) storage.
  • FIPS 140-2 Encryption available.
  • LUN is mapped to customer server(s).
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and VMware.
  • Download our data sheet