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DataBank Customer Billing FAQs and Useful Portal “How To” Information

Useful Billing and Portal Documents


In addition to the Frequently Asked Questions below, there are a number of useful documents we have made available for your convenience:

DataBank Portal Tutorial Videos – A collection of tutorials on how to use the Customer Portal for common actions.

Customer Portal Useful Functions – An illustrated technical guide to using the DataBank Customer Portal (For Administrator, Support, Access Contacts)

Customer Portal Billing Navigation Guide – An illustrated guide for navigating “My Account” on the DataBank Customer Portal (For Administrator, Billing, Collection Contacts)

How to Read Your Invoice – An illustrated guide on how to read your invoice in the Portal

DataBank Customer Portal


Q. I don’t have a login to the Customer Portal. How do I get access?

If you are an authorized contact on the account, you may self-register for the portal here: https://support.databank.com/login/register

Please use the link to our Customer Portal Billing Navigation Guide for more information.

Q. I can't register and/or log in to the DataBank Customer Portal. What do I do?

Your Account Administrator will need to utilize the portal to add you as a contact with either an Administrator, Billing, Collections or Support Role.  If you are an authorized contact on the account, and you still are having trouble registering or logging into the portal, call DataBank Support at 1-855-328-2247 for further assistance. Please note that if your email is tied to more than one account, you may receive an error in self-registering. 

Billing or Collection Inquires


Q. This is my first invoice from DataBank, what do I need to know? 

Take a look at our “How to Read Your Invoice” to understand the components of the invoice.

Q. You are sending my invoice to the wrong email address and/or you have the wrong billing address. How can we fix this?

A Billing, Collections, or Administrator contact can update the billing email address in the portal.

  1. Go to https://support.databank.com/my-account.
  2. Click on the Organization/BAN you wish to change on the top right.
  3. Go to My Account, and scroll to the area that says “Company Information & Primary Billing Contact."
  4. Click the Edit Icon to make changes.

If you need additional assistance, please email billinginquiry@databank.com. 

Q. How do I open a billing inquiry ticket?

  1. Create a ticket by logging into the customer portal via https://support.databank.com/new-support-ticket.
  2. Under Support, select “New Billing Inquiry” and fill out the form.

Q. If I don’t have access to the portal, how do I open a ticket?

Note: If you are not an authorized contact on the account, further authentication will be required. You may be asked to provide a recent invoice copy or two invoice numbers from the Billing Account (“BAN”) you are inquiring about, and/or the primary email address your invoices are delivered to.

Email billinginquiry@databank.com and include the following:

  1. Company Name in the Subject line.
  2. Please provide as much detail as possible in the body of the email (include relevant documents associated to your inquiry).

IMPORTANT: You should receive an email acknowledgment from our system with a ticket number. If you do not receive the email, the inquiry was not received.

Q. I have not received a response on my ticket or email in a reasonable time frame, how do I escalate?

The DataBank Billing and Collections Team strives to respond to all billing tickets within 72 hours after submission; we're currently experience an increase in ticket volumes so response time may be delayed

For urgent matters, the escalations are as follows. Please reference your ticket number in your escalation message. 

Billing: Chantelle Burton, Director of Billing Operations: cburton@databank.com.
Collections: Kathlene Jones, Director of Collections and AR: kjones@databank.com.

Making a Payment


Q. I need a vendor form or an online portal registration to be completed before I can begin to pay DataBank. Where do I send that request?

Create a ticket by logging into the customer portal via https://support.databank.com/new-support-ticket, or email collections@databank.com.

P.O. BOX 732200 
DALLAS, TEXAS 75373-2200 
ABA: #111000614 
ACCOUNT: 680839743 

Q. Where do I send my remittance notification?


Q. What are my payment options and are there any fees for types of payments? 

  1. Check or ACH: No fees.
  2. Credit card via DataBank Customer Portal: A fee will be assessed if the invoice payment is >$5,000.  

Q. I need a W9, where can I get a copy? 

https://support.databank.com/compliance or email collections@databank.com.

Q. I need a Certificate of Insurance, where can I get a copy?

https://support.databank.com/compliance or email Natalie Tafuri, Associate Counsel at nmtafuri@databank.com.

For "certificate holder" requests, please provide the following: 

  1. Legal Company/Entity Name per MSA.
  2. Company Legal Address.
  3. Email address where the Certificate should be sent.

Q. I require a canceled check to validate DataBank’s payment information. How do I request that?

Create a ticket by via the customer portal https://support.databank.com/new-support-ticket, or email billinginquiry@databank.com. DataBank will provide a bank letter in lieu of a canceled check.

Q. Does DataBank have Autopay and how do I sign up?

Please use the link to our Customer Portal Billing Navigation Guide for more information.

Yes, credit card or ACH autopay is available via the customer portal. Billing, collection, and administrator contacts may enroll a Billing Account (“BAN”) for Autopay in our portal.  

Please note that Credit Card Autopay for individual payment transactions over $5,000 will incur a 3% fee.

Q. How do I cancel my Autopay?

Please use the link to our Customer Portal Billing Navigation Guide for more information.

Please note: Removing autopay near the payment cycle date (approximately 25 days after the invoice date), could mean that autopay deactivation not go into effect until the following month. 



Q. How do you deliver invoices?

DataBank delivers invoices via email in .pdf format to the following contacts in your account: 

• Primary billing contact. 

• “Billing” designated contacts.

• Any contacts “Notify on Billing" designation. 

Note: USPS delivery is NOT available with DataBank.

Q. How can I get a copy of my Invoice?

If you have the Billing, Collections, or Administrators contacts, may view/download invoice copies via the customer portal: https://support.databank.com/my-account

Q. I can’t see my invoice in the Customer Portal, why?

Only billing, collections, or administrator contacts can view financial information. Account administrators can update portal role designations. 

Q. How do I request an open invoice statement?

Billing, collections or administrator contacts, can access statements via the customer portal: https://support.databank.com/my-account. All other statement requests should go to collections@databank.com.